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Melissa Breker

Co-Founder & Business Development

Focus:Client relations, education, recruiting Background:Marketing, BA International business

Melissa manages our business development and client engagement.

With a history leading marketing, content strategy, and social media projects, she connects people and builds strong relationships with our clients.

Ask her about body surfing in Australia, or her favourite questions to ask people when networking.

Kathy Wagner

Co-Founder & Project Oversight

Focus:Business strategy, project strategy, mentoring Background:Customer experience research, technical communications

Kathy is the senior strategist and director responsible for client project strategy.

She plans practical transformations for our clients and leads the team in all our content strategy and customer experience research projects.

Ask her about studying Tai Chi and meditation in China.

Peter Kelly

Director of Content Strategy

Focus:Content modelling and design, content frameworks, user experience Background:MA Media & Cinema Studies, digital experience design agency

Peter is a Content Strategy Director with a focus on front-stage content strategy and execution.

He mentors junior team members at CSI and manages complex content strategy projects for clients in eastern regions.

Ask him about his growing array of coffee brewing tools.

Blaine Kyllo

Senior Content Strategist

Focus:Content governance, taxonomy Background:Journalism

Blaine is a senior content strategist with a focus on enterprise content governance.

With decades of experience leading content teams, he helps streamline complex content processes for our clients.

Ask him about consumer technology and the time he played Lego with Douglas Coupland.

Jessica Stewart

Content Strategist

Focus:Customer experience research, not-for-profits Background:Communications, creative writing

Jessica is a content strategist and user research specialist.

She helps us tackle complicated content problems for our clients by analyzing customer data and brand messaging.

Ask her about audience research and the time she jumped off a moving train.

Jess Coccimiglio

Content Strategist

Focus:Content strategy, information architecture Background:Technology, interactive arts, communications

Jess is a content strategist and tech specialist.

She is a maker and technology fan who works for us on a wide range of content strategy activities, from audits to content models.

Ask her about that time she crocheted an electronic clutch purse.

Alyssa McLeod

Content strategist

Focus:User-centred design Background:Public sector, product CS, editorial

Alyssa helps our clients focus their websites into purposeful, service-oriented products by unifying business strategy and user need.

Ask about her scuba diving and travel plans.

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