Presentation: The path to great content

  • ByKathy Wagner
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  • Apr 13 2017
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Tips for delivering great content

I had a fantastic time in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan last week. It’s a lovely city with beautiful river walks, great places to eat, friendly people. Thanks again to Tourism Saskatchewan for inviting me to speak about great content at their HOST Conference!

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CSI to Co-Present Tourism Saskatchewan Case Study at MARCOM Conference

  • ByTeam CSI
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  • Apr 10 2017
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Event details

Event name: MARCOM Annual Conference

Location: Ottawa, ON

Dates: May 30 – 31, 2017

Presenting: Lessons Learned in Content Strategy: A Tourism Saskatchewan Case Study

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Content Strategy’s “big bang” theory

  • ByPeter Kelly
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  • Dec 6 2016
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Content Strategy’s “big bang” theory Photo credit: John Smith

The connection between content and cosmology (seriously)

We all learn when we’re younger some ideas about where the universe comes from. The most widely understood idea is the “Big Bang Theory.”

The idea is fairly simple (albeit mind-bending). In the beginning, there was a singularity. All of the universe’s matter was densely packed into this singularity and, through somewhat unclear mechanisms of the universe, that singularity experienced a reaction that, suddenly, so rapidly expanded that it expunged all of the stardust, plasma, and building blocks of the universe and, with it, the physical laws and behaviours of that universe. A universe that, even today, is still expanding.

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