For Agencies

Create exceptional content experiences for your clients.

We’re willing to bet you know a thing or two about content strategy.

But, maybe you don’t have the deep content strategy skills needed to help your large corporate clients clean up their content.

We partner with you to make sure your client’s content elevates your solutions and vision.

How we work with agencies

We strengthen your relationship with your client. When we have direct access to your client, it’s way more efficient and effective. But, we understand that their relationship is with you. You lead the project—we just lead the content strategy portion. We’re here to make you look good.

We maintain our own identity. We don’t pretend to be you. We have a specific and deep area of expertise, and we work with you as collaborative partners to get the job done.

We help you sell-in content strategy. When we’re able to work with you from the beginning, we ensure that the content strategy scope and activities are fully considered and designed to meet project needs. Clients see the benefit too. When they get excited about content strategy, everybody wins.

For new consultancy clients. We understand you don’t know us yet and it may feel risky to bring us into a scoping session. Just bring us in whenever you need us, and let’s start getting to know each other.

We offer consultancy rates. We have a special rate for our consultancy clients so we can all keep our businesses afloat.

What a typical project looks like

Every project is different, but here’s some starting points for a typical joint project:

  • Your client is a large organization with years of bad content habits and piles of content.
  • Content lacks a common vision, with standards and guidelines to support it.
  • Content needs to be weeded out, restructured, reorganized, and rewritten.
  • Your client needs help in changing how they create content so they can be effective after we’re gone.
  • There’s a content strategy budget of $30,000 or more.
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