Creating CAaP: Team workshops our new product

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  • May 8 2018
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Time to get to work(shopping)

Creating the CAaP methodology takes a lot of brain power and a lot of sticky notes. The CSI team has been workshopping with our new partners Bill Chen, statistical consultant and programmer, the design team at Spatial, and of course, our product manager Shelley Voyer.

In case you’ve never had the experience of taking a content strategy methodology and shaping it into a series of workshops and an online tool, we’ll share some of the surprises and highlights.

Things found in a CAaP planning workshop

  • Full boxes of Cartems donuts
  • 3D graphs and terms like factor analysis
  • Personas
  • Journey maps
  • Terribly hand-drawn content flows
  • Double ah ha! moments (When you forget an aha! moment and then remember it)
  • Lessons about when and why pie charts don’t work
  • Weighted spreadsheets
  • The phrase “I don’t know that yet.”
  • Resource lists
  • Discussions about personalized bobble-heads
  • Decisions to stop calling so many things tools
  • Whiteboards almost falling off walls
  • So much coffee
  • So much tea
  • The phrase “We only have two hours left. What’s most important?”
  • Empty boxes of Cartems donuts

One week and three workshops later, we’re so excited with our progress. Stay tuned for updates on CAaP or join our product advisory group to help us shape what CAaP becomes!

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