Content Strategy Intensives

These one-week intensives are designed to solve big content problems

What happens when you bring together one sticky content problem, two content strategy experts, three or more business stakeholders, five working days, and a whole lot of coffee?

Content strategy magic.

Content strategy intensives cut to the core of a problem and bring together critical and creative thinkers to design an approach for solving the problem in an evidence-based, achievable way.

How it works

You provide the content problem and the people. We bring the content expertise and work with your teams to solve the problem.
Before we come on site, we’ll take the time to:

  • Talk with your key stakeholders so we fully understand the problem.
  • Review your existing research and identify gaps to be filled.
  • Have a quick look through your content.
  • Plan for a successful onsite intensive.

If there are opportunities to fill in research gaps by surveying or interviewing people, then we’ll make sure that gets done prior to coming on site, too.

Then we’ll spend some intensive time with your team and your content to diagnose the key challenges and opportunities associated with the problem, craft a future vision and guiding principles, and provide a realistic action plan for executing the content strategy.

What it looks like

We customize the agenda to the needs of each project, but it may look something like this:

  • Day 1 a.m.: Getting strategic alignment and understanding key objectives
  • Day 1 p.m.: Understanding audience needs
  • Day 2 a.m.: Understanding workplace environment
  • Day 2 p.m.: Understanding authoring needs
  • Day 3 a.m.: Understanding the current-state of content
  • Day 3 p.m.: Understanding technology considerations
  • Day 4 a.m.: Crafting a content strategy diagnosis
  • Day 4 p.m.: Visioning the future-state content
  • Day 5 a.m.: Crafting guiding principles
  • Day 5 p.m.: Drafting an action plan and roadmap

Problems we can work through

All intensives are focused on solving one problem—it’s only one week, after all! We currently offer intensives to solve specific challenges related to:

  • Improving the customer experience through content
  • Improving the employee experience through content
  • Building better content practices
  • Planning for better content reuse
  • Planning for a smooth content migration

Outcomes and takeaways

At the end of our one-week intensive, you’ll have a documented understanding of the main business goals and challenges associated with a specific content problem, audience and author needs, technology considerations, content priorities, guiding principles, and an action plan forward.

Your stakeholder team will be engaged and involved and have everything they need to move forward.


$19,500 + travel expenses.

If this is not the best fit for you right now, you may want to consider hosting a content training session or workshop. Or give us a call and we can chat through other options.

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