CSI travels to Portugal for Web Summit 2017

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  • Nov 6 2017
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OK, not the whole team. We wish!

But Kathy Wagner is ever so pleased that the week of Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal is upon us. Web Summit is touted as the world’s largest tech conference and brings every industry together through 25 sub-conferences.

Kathy’s schedule is packed but she promises to make time to blog about her experiences. Probably from a lounge chair.

Kathy’s Web Summit week

Canada Day Summit Reception

A welcome reception at the Canadian Embassy to Portugal.

Governments: Don’t regulate technological innovation

Has tech innovation outpaced governments’ ability to regulate? And would attempts to catch up do more harm than good? Our speakers disagree on where the boundaries should lie. Come and cast your own vote in this on-stage debate.

Jacob Benbunan
Founder & CEO, Saffron Consultants

William Sargent
CEO, Framestore

Shona Ghosh
Senior Reporter, Business Insider UK

Creativity, love, and happiness

How does design affect us fundamentally? As companies vie for our time, designing for creativity, love, and happiness is key to understanding our relationship with technology.

Pamela Pavliscak
Founder, Change Sciences

Jacob Greenshpan
UX Strategy Consultant, Google

Ethan Imboden
Head of Venture Design, frog

Martin Swant
Writer, Adweek

Desktop and apps: Is mobile the future of enterprise?

Many industries have a mobile-first approach. Is this what the B2B customer wants? What is the right approach to striking a balance between mobile and desktop?

Paulo Rosado
Founder & CEO, OutSystems

Ross Mason
Founder, MuleSoft

Edith Harbaugh
CEO, LaunchDarkly

Eric Auchard
Chief Technology Correspondent, Reuters

Can technology mend the mind?

Can VR be used to treat PTSD? Could AR help with chronic anxiety? This fireside chat explores alternative ways to engage the human brain and how its own ideas can be highjacked to fix what’s broken.

Tej Tadi
Founder & CEO, Mindmaze

Co-Founder, Falkora

Creativity : Where humans and data intersect

Data is everywhere. But creative humans and data aren’t always good bedfellows. Creative humans have instincts and emotions, pride and love; data says, “Hey, it’s not personal, it’s just business.” But this intersection where humans and data meet is full of opportunity. Join President of BuzzFeed Entertainment Group Ze Frank for a conversation about the pitfalls and the sometimes bizarre magic of using data to inform creative decision making.

Ze Frank
President, Buzzfeed Entertainment Group & Branded Creative

Watch this space for Kathy’s conference log!

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