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  • Apr 26 2018
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CSI welcomes Shelly Voyer to the team

We may be experts at content strategy, but that doesn’t mean we know how to launch a new content strategy product. That’s why we’ve brought in Shelley Voyer, with over 15 years of business and market development experience, to take on the role of CAaP product manager.

Shelley got her start in tech and digital media, working with Multiactive on a science curriculum product. Since then she’s worked with Vivendi Universal Games, Nokia, and VIATEC, among others, and launched her own start-up. Shelley’s digital media company Zuzee focuses on girls and technology. Her scrapbooking app had users from 80 countries and won several awards.

“Shelley’s got a lot of experience bringing products to market and I’m excited to have her on board,” says CSI Founder Kathy Wagner. “We have the content strategy expertise and Shelley has expertise in helping small businesses tech start-ups or just start-ups like ours launch their products.”

Shelley says she’s excited to be taking on a new role, and working with a new segment. “Traditionally as a product manager, I would take an existing product and manage it through that product life cycle. In this case with CSI, it’s that sweet spot of defining what that product is and what that market need is and bringing something valuable to the market. That really appealed to me as far as the role goes,” she says.

“And content is becoming hugely necessary to succeed, especially now with everything digital. How do companies find that sharp edge of the razor with their content? I think there’s an interesting market opportunity there.”

Shelley says what she’s most excited for at the moment is the iterative design plan. “When we start building out a MVP prototype and aligning with the market need, that’s where the rubber hits the road and we really see what the potential opportunity could be. Or not! We don’t know for sure until we try. For me that’s the fun part.”

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