Always Be Adjusting: Three tactics to keep your social strategy updated

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  • Feb 26 2018
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Regularly adjusting your social strategy is good for your audiences and your organization. Put a bit of time into monitoring and measuring your activities on social media to enable your digital team to find out what really engages your audience.  

Here are three tactics you can build into your social strategy to keep it effective.

1. Adjust your publishing schedule

Time of day matters in social publishing. Establish a regular cadence of publishing on each channel, then make a change to this schedule and measure the results. Remember that things like content format or topic can play a factor as well, so compare similar posts. Images to images, for example.

There are several social publishing tools, like Buffer or Hootsuite, that can make this pretty painless. We also recommend keeping track of your adjustments on a good, old-fashioned spreadsheet.

Next steps

1.If you don’t already have a regular publishing cadence, check out the best times to publish on social and start there.

2.Stick with this cadence for three weeks.



2. Adjust your content mix

Similar to your publishing schedule, we recommend regularly varying your content mix for each channel. This includes increasing or decreasing the percentage of posts by:

  • Purpose. Adjust the percentage of posts used to inform, teach, inspire, entertain, and persuade.
  • Format. Change the number of posts that include photos, videos, or graphics.
  • Source. Share other organizations content more or less than your own.
  • Topic and subtopic. Vary the proportion of posts by high-level or specific subject matter.

Next steps

1.If you don’t already have one documented, spend your first week developing a content mix.

2.Adjust a few elements of your content mix in week two.


4.Return to the standard mix for week three.


6.Keep alternating between experimental and standard content mixes, making semi-permanent changes to your standard mix as you go.

3. Use a social listening tool to discover engagement topics

We recently wrote about how social listening can help you come up with content ideas. This is another tactic that will benefit from small, strategic adjustments. Keyword research will provide a host of potential terms and topics that your audiences look for. Listening for conversations on every one will quickly become overwhelming. We recommend adding this to your monitor and measure plan.

Next steps:

1.Use a keyword research tool to find out what your audiences are looking for.

2.Choose a few popular terms to use as filters.

3.Monitor conversations for pain points, trending topics, and related interests.

4.Adjust your filters with new keywords after a few weeks.



You know what they say: coffee may be for closers, but adjusters get aaaall the candy.*

* It’s possible that no one says this.

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